Best music from Australia – Wolf & Cub

Welcome to final edition of Best Music from Australia, highlighting some of the best young musicians from the land down under.

You may have heard that I’m leaving Australia. After spending three amazing years in the land down under, my wife and I are moving back to the United States. While I’ve been here, I’ve tried to check out as much of the local rock scene as I can.

In previous posts, I’ve featured Tame Impala, The Delta RiggsSeth Sentry, and Cloud Control. Not heavy enough for ya? In that case, I think you’ll really dig this week’s band.

Wolf & Cub

Source: Wolf & Cub via Facebook

I only found out about Wolf & Cub recently, and regret to say I won’t see them live before we fly back to the US. This band from Adelaide just rocks, period. The closest band in sound I can think of is Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but Wolf & Club doubles down on the psychedelia. And when I say double I mean that quite literally–there are two drummers!

They’ve got three albums. My favorite is their latest, Heavy Weight for its variety but their sophomore release Science and Sorcery is also pretty trippy, and a lot of people like debut Vessels for its balls-out rock.

Here’s how you listen to Wolf & Cub. Start out by closing your eyes and shaking your head slowly to the bass. As the music builds, open your eyes and start jumping. Fist pumping optional.

I mean, dance however you want to. But that’s how I’ll be doing it.

Check out the video for “I Need More” to see what I mean. And yes, you will need more.

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