Short stories by Adam Bender

Adam’s short stories cross multiple genres, including sci-fi, horror and romantic comedy. And you can read them all for free! Click the covers below to get reading!

A LifeTrade Wedding

Cover for A Life Trade WeddingRead about the next direction of matchmaking apps – exchanging lives! A reluctant groom leaves his bride at the altar by trading places with a man who wants to be married. A series of testimonials by the wedding party shows how LifeTrade can give everyone a “happily ever after.”

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Invasion Day

"Invasion Day" coverOn his tenth birthday, a boy living on the moon asks his grandpa about the blue planet glowing in the forever-night sky, and why they live the way they do.

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Fire Eyes

Cover of "Fire Eyes," a short story by Adam BenderFor years, underground street artist Ignatius has dodged surveillance cameras to spray-paint a dissident symbol: a dark visage with fiery eyes. Dissatisfied with his impact on the totalitarian country he calls home, Iggy sets his sights on tagging the most important government building in the nation. But will the soldiers of the Guard let him get away with it?

Set before the events of WE, THE WATCHED and DIVIDED WE FALL, “Fire Eyes” reveals the man behind the street art seen throughout the acclaimed dystopian sci-fi novels.

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Smokers Corner

Smokers CornerTim loses his addiction for the ho-hum after falling for Samantha during a smoking break.

“Smokers Corner” is a short romantic comedy about two workers from different companies who hit it off one morning outside their office building.

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Life Trade

Life Trade NEW COVERWhat if a stranger took over the part of your best friend? In “Life Trade,” a would-be screenwriter seeks answers after his buddy is replaced by a stranger. He discovers a matching website for people who want to trade places.

In the surreal style of Her and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, this short story imagines a possible future for technology — a revolutionary online matchmaking service that can help an unhappy person find a fresh start in the life of someone else.

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The Roommate

The RoommateA blood-filled bath. A dead body. And a very suspicious college roommate.

One of Adam’s earliest works, “The Roommate” is a humorous mystery/horror tale of a college student who suspects his roommate of murder. If you’ve ever been assigned to live with someone in a dorm, you may relate.

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