DIVIDED WE FALL by Adam Bender

Divided We Fall cover

“Bender’s sequel is a worthy delivery on the promise of his riveting debut. A novel about a scheming president offers an excellent read for those who love thrillers or 21st-century history.”


The war has come home. The mission has failed. Agent Eve Parker just wants Jon back.

Eve must arrest her fiancé after he loses his memory and becomes a revolutionary named Seven in a fight against the government. However, when she learns more about the President’s plan to broaden citizen surveillance, she begins to question just who is right.

Divided We Fall, a sequel to We, The Watched, takes place in a dystopia where the government conducts mass surveillance and keeps a Watched list of its own citizens. The Church has become as powerful as the State, and people who resist are called Heretics and face execution.

The critically acclaimed novel was a Library Journal SELF-e selection. Also, Amazon and Publishers Weekly honored the manuscript as a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.

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“…raises interesting questions about the influence of propaganda on the construction of the self, the idea of true tabula rasa and the power of memory.

“… the central love story propels the narrative energetically.”


“There are few novels I can read in one sitting, but Adam Bender’s Divided We Fall was one of them.

“It is fast-paced, intriguing, and had me wondering what was coming just around the corner. It had me not only wanting, but needing more.”


Divided We Fall


Written by Adam Bender ©2014
Cover design by Belinda Pepper
Edited by Coraline Denhart
Book layout by Book Cover Café

Witness the beginning of Seven’s revolution in WE, THE WATCHED.