Best music from Australia – Seth Sentry

Hey! It’s part three of my series on top Australian music!

You may have heard that I’m leaving Australia. After spending three amazing years in the land down under, my wife and I are moving back to the United States. While I’ve been here, I’ve tried to check out as much of the local rock scene as I can.

After two straight posts on rock bands, Tame Impala and The Delta Riggs, thought I’d go in a different direction this week. Now, Australia’s not known for its hip-hop, but here’s a guy who’s just a blast to listen to!

Seth Sentry

Seen Back to the Future 2? Ever wondered why we still don’t have hoverboards?

So has Seth Sentry. The Melbourne hip-hop artist poses this and other incisive questions about our times in his raps. And the music is pretty catchy, too!

Seth scored pretty high in 2012’s Hottest 100 songs on Triple J, earning #29 for “Dear Science” (about the hoverboards) and #57 for “Float Away.” He’s got a brand new album due out later this year.

I got to see the man himself live in Sydney about a year ago and he lived up to the energy of his songs. He even got a DJ to crowd surf!

DJ Sizzle crowdsurfs at Seth Sentry's command at a gig in Sydney.
DJ Sizzle surfs the crowd at Seth Sentry’s command at a gig in Sydney.

But enough of me and my yammering. Check out the video for “Dear Science,” then pass it on to your local representative or senator in an email demanding hoverboards!

Next week, it’s back to rock ‘n roll with another great Australian band!

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