Best music from Australia – The Delta Riggs

Welcome back for part two of my series on top Australian music!

You may have heard that I’m leaving Australia. After spending three amazing years in the land down under, my wife and I are moving back to the United States. While I’ve been here, I’ve tried to check out as much of the local rock scene as I can.

Last week, I featured Tame Impala from Perth. Today, we travel east to hear…

The Delta Riggs

Credit: Petty Thieves Agency
Credit: Petty Thieves Agency

I think I must have seen Delta Riggs at least three times already. The first time was in Newcastle at a homely bar with a hunting lodge that actually had sofas and carpeting! The next time I saw them, they were opening for Divine Fits, the side-project of Spoon’s Britt Daniel and Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner.

Delta Riggs are one of those bands that just rocks live. They’ve got a real traditional rock ‘n roll sound that’s sometimes a little bluesy and sometimes a little punk. I don’t think they’re too well-known outside Australia, but I really think they’ve got potential to blow up.

While their first couple releases didn’t really capture Delta Riggs’ live energy, I really enjoyed last year’s album, Dipz Zebazios. The above video for “The Record’s Flawed” is a particularly rockin’ jam from that one.

Check back next week for another great Australian band!

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  1. Sorry to see you leave this shores, Adam. Good luck and yes, I must check out your fair dinkum music tips..

    Richard van der Draay

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