Free eBook: Get dystopian novel We, The Watched on NoiseTrade

Propaganda from the author!
Propaganda from the author!

Exciting news! My first novel We, The Watched is now available to download for free on NoiseTrade! All you have to do is provide an email address and you can instantly download the eBook (MOBI and EPUB versions available).

If you like what you read, NoiseTrade provides the ability to donate. However, as a self-published author, I’d be even happier if you left an honest review of the book on Amazon, Goodreads or another bookstore website.

So what’s it about?

An amnesiac struggles to conform in a surveillance society he doesn’t remember. Resistance is heresy and punishable by death. But some seek to ignite a revolution. Will the fresh perspective from Seven’s rebirth be a blessing or a curse?

For readers who prefer print, you can still buy the paperback edition of We, The Watched on Amazon for just $8.99.

What are you waiting for? Download it for free right now! Thanks and happy reading!

–Adam Bender

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