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It’s been a big year with the release of my second novel, Divided We Fall. But as they say in journalism, you’re only as good as your next story! So here’s a quick update on my current projects.

Short story

"Fire Eyes" is an upcoming short story by Adam Bender. Art by Belinda Pepper.
“Fire Eyes” is an upcoming short story by Adam Bender. Art by Belinda Pepper.

I’ve just finished a new short story called “Fire Eyes,” set in the same world as my novels We, The Watched and Divided We Fall.

Taking place before the events of either of those stories, “Fire Eyes” follows an underground street artist called Ignatius who for years has dodged surveillance cameras to spray paint a dissident symbol: a dark visage with fiery eyes. Dissatisfied with the impact of his work, Iggy sets his sights on tagging the most important government building in the nation.

I have just submitted this story to a sci-fi short story magazine. I’m hoping to show it to you one way or the other by early next year.


I began work a while back on a screenplay of We, The Watched. It’s about two-thirds finished and looking pretty solid, but I have to admit it’s taken the back burner to my other projects. I hope to get back to work on this in the near future with a view to finishing it next year.

New novel

This is where I’ve been spending the bulk of my time. My next novel is a completely new and original story, unrelated to any of my past work. It mixes elements of several genres, including western, adventure and speculative fiction. Like my previous novels, there is a political twist. Whereas the We, The Watched stories focus on government surveillance, my new novel takes on gun issues in America.

The working title is: The Wanderer and the New West

I hope to have more updates for you soon!

3 Replies to “Writing update”

  1. RE: Screenplay – I would watch the crap out of that movie (assuming the director doesn’t give it the Michael Bay treament: EXPLOSIONS!).

    But you got me stoked for the short story and your next novel. “…takes on gun issues in America.” Well THAT shouldn’t be provocative at all. Can’t wait to read it and maybe gain some additional perspective.

  2. Well, there’s at least one scene where explosions might work, but yeah, I’d prefer something with more restraint!

    The new book is provocative but I’m trying to take a balanced look if possible. It’s a tricky issue and not even the main characters fully agree!

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