Watched and Printed

It's real! It's in my hands!
It’s real! It’s in my hands!

The day has finally arrived — my first novel We, The Watched is now available as a paperback!

It’s had a long history. After working on the novel during college, I self-released We, The Watched on my website chapter by chapter.

Later, I found out about Smashwords, an e-publishing platform that let me sell the book through a variety of popular eBook stores includes Barnes & Noble, Apple and Sony. After about a year, I added We, The Watched to the Amazon Kindle store.

I avoided print for years, not because I was on a crusade for eBooks or anything, but because I knew there was a lot more formatting and appearance details to consider.

Finally, this year, I decided to go ahead and pay a few professionals to help me with that. It turned out not to be as expensive as I thought, and the result is amazing! Much thanks to Belinda Pepper for the cover design and Lis Sowerbutts for interior formatting.

But don’t take my word for it, as LeVar Burton would say. Buy a copy for yourself at for $9.99 (Amazon might even sell it to you for less) or Barnes & Noble. If you’re more of an eBook person, you can still of course grab the digital version for $2.99 on Kindle, Smashwords and other popular eBook stores.

If you’re looking to get even more hyped up about the paperback release, check out my official press release announcing the print version right here.


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