Watched Around the World

Praise for my novel continues to come in! Recently, I got this message from an English teacher who lives in Bolivia. To her, my portrayal of the government in WE, THE WATCHED hit almost too close to home.

I loved it.  The Cold War, secrets kept by the government from the people who elect the government officials from the bottom up, and the ability to access people’s files, calls and computers makes the story believable.  Here, in Bolivia, where I’ve lived for the last 30 years, it’s now illegal to use the word “indio” or to say anything against the president of the republic.  It’s punishable by arrest and jail.  Members of the Press who write in his contra, and politicians who stand up against his injustices, are also jailed.

–M.R.M., English teacher at a bilingual private school in South America

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