Review of ‘Brilliant’ We, The Watched

I’m excited to say that online magazine The American Chronicle just published a rather flattering review of my novel We, The Watched.

There’s action, romance, and social commentary woven into a brilliant story with an amazing plot twist near the end. It’s science fiction in the way that Orwell’s1984 or Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury dystopian novels are considered science fiction. In fact, I see shades and shadows of both works in We, The Watched. The writing is nearly on par with these geniuses of the written word. Mr. Bender isn’t quite there yet, but is closing in fast on the masters. Since this is his first published novel, that’s an auspicious start. It’s highly likely that given a bit more time and experience, the novice shall surpass the masters.

The American Chronicle 10/18/2010

Reviewer David Broughton also interviewed me for the story. Check out the full review at

For a free sample of We, The Watched and more information, please visit  You can buy the eBook at Smashwords.

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