Moving to Sydney

This will be my view.

So, yeah, my wife and I are moving to Sydney.

No, really. Like, the one in Australia.

Moving abroad is something we’ve been talking about doing for years.  We both had amazing, life-changing experiences studying abroad in college. We share the strong belief that you can’t really get to know a city unless you live there, and we are beyond excited to experience Sydney. We leave next month!

Whilst down under, I will continue to work as a technology reporter and simultaneously forward my creative endeavors, including a screenplay of WE, THE WATCHED and hopefully a few short stories. I’ll also continue to pitch my second novel, DIVIDED WE FALL, to the literary world. And of course I will keep the blog updated with news of my Australian exploits!

By the way, please check out my new Twitter account (@WatchAdam).  I plan to use it for some quick takes on the latest music, movies and videogames, as well as news on my projects.  If you’re only interested in news on my novels and other creative work, my Facebook page is probably the easiest way to stay up to date.

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  1. Screenplay?! Whaaaaa?! My interest is once again piqued. Be sure to let us know what that process is like, trying to get your screenplay out there. Also, I totally forgot about this, but another guy whose semi-popular blog I follow (Shamus Young) recently self-published a book or two and posted about the writing/publishing process ( and And when can I read the new book???

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