Crocodiles Sharp on ‘Sleep Forever’

Crocodiles - Sleep Forever

If you were to combine the dark, twisted fuzz of The Raveonettes with the “We know we’re good” ┬ábombast of Oasis, you’d probably end up with something a bit like Crocodiles.

But forget the comparisons (another popular one on the ‘net is The Jesus and Mary Chain). On their new LP, Sleep Forever, this San Diego band provides 35 minutes of fresh and filler-free rock ‘n roll. The choruses are big, especially on the title track, with lyrics that are simultaneously bleak and psychadelic. “When you die you don’t really die/You just paint yourself across the sky,” singer Brandon Welchaz roars over Charles Rowell’s static/melodic guitar on “Billy Speed.”

Some have bemoaned the slower tracks — the pace drops to a heartbeat on track four, “Girl in Black,” before coming back to life on a track that — ironically enough — is called “Sleep Forever.” But if you switch off your iPod’s shuffle and swallow the album the old-fashioned way (in one dose), it all comes together.

Check out the video to the rockin’ title track below:

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