Renamed Blog, Refreshed Design

Attending WordCamp always gets me thinking about ways to improve my website. With Tuesday’s release of WordPress 4.7, I decided it was time to apply a fresh lick of paint to the site. And here you have it — cleaner, darker… classier. And it looks good on mobile, too! I keep finding little things to tweak, but have a look around and tell me what you think!

I’m also excited to reveal a new and shorter web address for the blog: That’s right — no www, no dot-com. Isn’t that easy to remember? (Don’t worry, will still get you here!)

Just for fun, here’s a list of names that I’ve called my website over the years:

  1. Adam Bender’s Cool Stuff – I’m not entirely sure, but I think this was the name of the pointless website I made as a kid in the ’90s on Angelfire, which was a free website making tool. It had a hits counter. ‘Nuff said.
  2. Adam Bender Interactive – During high school, I got into game development pretty hard with Klik & Play (and later iterations of Clickteam software). Anyway, my “company” was called AB Interactive.
  3. Stridersoft – I later found people to make games with me (but I don’t think we ever actually released anything as a team). A guy on the team pitched this name and I thought it sounded cool. Didn’t realize it was a Lord of the Rings reference at the time.
  4. Faded Wave – Once I figured out the game dev team thing wasn’t working out, the site became Faded Wave, which also sounded cool, but refreshingly wasn’t a LOTR reference. I started talking about all my projects, including a little novel called We, The Watched.
  5. Adam Bender Writes… – The most recent iteration. The idea really was to bring my name back into it, because people were all like, “Faded Wave? Is that a hair style for balding men?” NO! IT’S NOT!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the new look!

Fresh website design!

I took this selfie just before seeing the new Avengers movie. It was awesome.
I took this selfie just before seeing the new Avengers movie. Guys, It was so awesome.

You may have noticed the site looks different. I mean, assuming you’ve been here before. If this is your first time on my website, that’s cool, but–hey don’t click away! Ok, click away, but at least check out one of my novels or something!

Still with me? Cool, so I’ll point a few things about the new design. First off, it’s way more modern in appearance, and the responsive design means it looks great on mobile devices, too.

It’s also a little less “bloggy.” I used to have a separate website and WordPress blog, but a little while ago decided they were a bit redundant and it made sense to kill the increasingly dated-looking website. The only problem with that approach was that my old blog design didn’t quite give me the flexibility to highlight news about my writing, and it felt a bit plain for presenting my novels.

This brings me to the next thing, which is that I’ve also killed the individual book websites I had up at and Those links still work, but now they redirect to pages on this website. As much as I loved those old sites (heck, I designed them myself!), they were only kind of, sort of responsive design. I really tried, but they never actually looked that good on phones or tablets. I lived in denial about this until Google itself told me so.

I'm happy to report that Google has come around to liking my website.
I’m happy to report that Google has come around to liking my website.

So there you have it. Brand new web design. I think I’ve transferred over all the great stuff about my old websites, and I’ve even brought back some stuff like web samples of my novels WE, THE WATCHED and DIVIDED WE FALL. There’s also some new stuff coming soon and maybe a few more design tweaks.

Please let me know if you notice anything missing or if something just plain doesn’t look right!

Yes, yes. You’re welcome, eyes.