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WE, THE WATCHED by Adam Bender

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An amnesiac called Seven struggles to conform in a surveillance society he doesn’t remember.

The government keeps a Watched List of its own citizens. Resistance is heresy and punishable by death. But when Seven finds one group of Heretics who seek to ignite a revolution, he must decide whether to side with the Patriots or the Heretics. Will the fresh perspective from his rebirth be a blessing or a curse?

We, The Watched is a dystopian novel by award-winning journalist Adam BenderA Library Journal SELF-e selection!

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Critical acclaim for WE, THE WATCHED

“Action, romance, and social commentary woven into a brilliant story.”

“The dialog was excellent and the situations seemed driven by curiosity, which is a great way to pull you into an adventure…The author captures the imagination of the reader.”

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Written by Adam Bender
Cover design by Belinda Pepper
Book layout by Elisabeth Sowerbutts
Text copyright by Adam Bender © 2008

We, The Watched